Sunday, February 11, 2018

Respect for our iPads

We each have our own iPad in Room 3.
We have been learning how we can show respect when using the iPad.
We have also been learning to take clear pictures using the camera app.
Have a look at our pic collages.






1. Use a hug hold to carry the iPad around the room.
2. Always walk with the iPad.
3. Pass the iPad with two hands.
4. Put the iPad on the table safely (no parts hanging over the edge).


  1. What great tips for caring for your iPad, Room 3!

  2. Hi Room 3 Tipiloma here I like how you guys could hold your iPad the correct way and and how you give it to other kids and to your teacher.It made me think of how we hold our chrome book and when we walk with it in the class,We have to be cybersmart too. If you want to check out my blog here it is

  3. Hi Room 3. You are all doing so well with your ipads. I have seen how well you are following the guidelines when you are in class. Keep up the good work.