Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rolling down the hill - WAHOO!!

Today Room 3 went outside and had lots of fun with the grass.  We raced down the hill like an aeroplane, we climbed up like a monkey and we rolled down like a bouncy ball.  We were thinking of WOW words we could use in our writing.  
Here are some of our WOW words:
prickly      sparkly     wet     watery     slippery
itchy       bumpy       scratchy







Thursday, April 7, 2016

Exciting verbs

Today we went outside with Room 1.  We completed a relay course.  We had to think about verbs (action words) that we were using.  Have a look at our photos and read some of our sentences.



I can bounce on the moon hopper.  Keshigan
I can skip with the skipping rope. Nora
I can jump with the moon hopper.  Grace
I can jump on the circles.  Daiki
I can jump on the spots.  Brayer
I can skip with the skipping rope.  Daniel
I can leap on the spots.  Marcus

Friday, April 1, 2016

Buddy Class with Room 11

Today we are collaging backgrounds for our Art work.  We used tissue paper.  We had to make sure we overlapped our pieces of paper and that there was no white gaps.  A big thank you to Room 11 for helping Room 3 with this!