Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Check out our Character Day Costumes

Can you guess who we are?






  1. Hi room 3. We really like your dress up. They look beautiful. From Madeleine and her Dad.

  2. Hi Room 3 it me Gaylene from Hay park school.I loved your characters you dress up as.
    Maybe next time you could add a video playing and acting it.Was it fun?

  3. Hi my name is Raad from Bishop class. We liked your blog about book characters. What is your teachers name? Thank you for sharing your blog post.

  4. Hi myName is reiko from hay park schoolI. I like your blog. did you have fun being in your cochom like SpiderMan? did you have fun? next time you can do a video.

  5. wowHi my name is Dalton my Dad loved the photos my mum says if you have any videos of the parade I would love to see it. Love from Mum Dad and Dalton

  6. Hi my name is Mohit for bishop class . I saw lots of cool clothes. Next time you could do a video of you flying or dancing. What are your favourite books? By Mohit

  7. Hi I am Jesse from Hay Park School. I liked your batman and superhero costumes. I dressed up like Harry Potter for our dress up day. Do you get dress up much at your school?
    From Jesse

    1. HI Jesse, thank you for putting a comment on our blog. We really liked that you dressed up as Harry Potter for you dress up day. Can we see a photo of you dressing up like Harry Potter? We usually get to dress up once a term.
      From Room 3