Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Puppet Pals

Have a look at us introducing ourselves in Te Reo.


  1. Great stuff room 3!

  2. Hi there, fabulous Room 3, I am Bilal from Waitemata in WPS. I really like how you guys showed us your pepha on puppet pals, it looked really awesome. I wish I could do one of the puppet pals to show my pepha Have you guys thought about writing more information about the puppet pals app maybe you can tell other people how to use it.

    if you guys want to check out my blog here is the link

  3. Hi Room 3 my name is Tyson. Great puppet pals and pepeha. My favourite part of it was when they said kia ora to each other. Next time you could make it a bit longer. Come and check out my blog , look at pease comment on our blogs

  4. Hi my mame is Rua . I form Manukau . I really ilked the way you introdu ced your self in Maori .
    It reminded me want i did my pepeha . I did my pepeha on a slideshow . Nxet time you can macke the videos bit longer . pleease can you look at my bolg .