Saturday, September 24, 2016

MOTAT trip

The Juniors finished their term with a bang by travelling by bus to Motat.  We had been learning about pushing and pulling and then had made our own toys that moved in this way.  We went to Motat to consolidate our learning all about this.

Tram Ride



Exploring Motat



Toys, Toys. Toys

The workshop about toys was really interesting.  We saw old toys and new toys.  Some of the toys we had made during our Science unit so we loved seeing that.  We played with the toys and thought about how they worked.








Duffy Duffy Duffy!!

Waikowhai Primary School is super lucky to be a Duffy School.  The books we get are amazing and our children are really excited to be able to read some of their favourite books.  On Wednesday the Duffy Theatre visited us.  They always have a great message about why reading is important, fun and opens up an imaginative world for all of us.




Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 8's excitement!!

Oral Language
This week we have been learning to ask relevant questions of others.
We have been working in groups to share our news.
Then we had to ask each other questions beginning with who? what? where? why? when?


Toys, Toys, Toys
This term for Science we have been thinking about forces.
We have been looking at things that we can move with a push or a pull.
We collected items from home and made our own toys.
Can you see if they move with a push or a pull?










New Class Members
Next term Room 3 is very excited to have some children from Room 1 join us.
Today we got together to meet and get to know each other.
We made a pic collage showing our favourite colour, favourite animal and favourite food.
Then we introduced our buddy to the class.






Have a look at our pic collages.