Friday, July 29, 2016

Welcome back to Term 3

It is great to be back at school after an exciting holiday.  We have lots going on this term.  
1. Gymnastics - once a week we will be learning gymnastic skills in the hall.
2. Cross country - Week 3 will see us zooming around the school for the cross country.
3. Our Inquiry this term is all about Forces.  It would be great if at home, children could think about things that move with a push or a pull.
4. Art Festival - During Week 7, you can come and view the wonderful art that children at Waikowhai Primary have been busy completing.

AND LOTS more!
Keep looking at our blog throughout the term for other exciting things that are happening in Room 3.

Have a look at some pictures of us during our first gymnastics lesson.  We were learning to make static shapes and to balance in different ways.





Monday, July 4, 2016

Dick Weir Oral Story Teller

The Juniors were extra lucky to have a visit today from Dick Weir, a great New Zealand story teller.
He shared 'The Rainbow Fish' with us.  We even got to be in the story!  Have a look at some of our acting.


We made a pic collage practising what Dick had shown us.  We used facial expression to show the different ways the Rainbow Fish felt throughout the story.