Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Swimming Sports

Thank you to all of our families that came and watched us swim today.  We were lucky with the beautiful weather.


  1. Awesome photo's Room 3! You all look like fish in the ocean! Hope you all had fun at swimming sports! I will come back and visit soon! Miss Weber

  2. Great job! Sorry I couldn't be there today, Daniel told me all about it this afternoon, and it is wonderful to see the photos here :)

  3. Hi Miss Weber. Room 3 misses you!!! We hope you are working hard at university. Please come and see us when you have time. Love Room 3
    Thanks for your message Julie. We are glad you liked our photos. Room 3 wants you to know that Daniel is an awesome fish in the water.

  4. i had a lot of fun. nora

    (Nora loves to browse Room 3's blog everyday and post comment (: )

    1. It was lots of fun wasn't it Nora. Keep looking at our blog. Maybe you could suggest some things we could put on to show your family. Miss Lane

    2. Nora you are taking up the spotlight with your singing