Friday, May 26, 2017

Reporting and Presenting

We then made slideshows to show all the things we had learnt about Julie.
Have a look.

By Daniel and Dustine

Amara and Albert

Cyan and Madeleine
Dalton and Brayden
Lily and Morgan
Farhad and Vivian
Erana and Santanna
Jeremiah and Caja and Faith
Nathaniel and Maryam
Tayzsar and Josef

Accessing and Sorting

Then our Expert came in.
Who was it?
Julie of course!

Time for Questions

After writing down everything we knew about Julie, we then wrote some questions to find out more information.  Here are some example of our questions.

Who are you Mum and Dad and where do they live? Vivian and Farhad
What is your favourite food? Cyan and Maddy
Why did you buy a red car? Brayden and Dalton
Which hospital were you born in? Daniel and Dustine
Why do you dye your hair? Morgan and Faith
Who is in your family? Albert and Amara
When is your birthday? Jeremiah and Caja
Where do you do your shopping? Tayzsar and Josef
Who do you live with? Erana and Santanna

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Inquiry Learning

To help us become more familiar with Waikowhai's Inquiry Star we are working through a mini Inquiry.  Each of the classes in the Juniors are going to choose a person at our school which we would like to learn more about.

Room 3 has chosen the fabulous Julie who works in our office (among others things!)

The first part of our Inquiry Star is called STARTER KNOWLEDGE and this is where we think of everything we already know.  We made a popplet about Julie, and then used the popplet as a plan for our writing.  Have a look at some of our great work.