Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ambury Farm Trip

We had a fantastic trip to Ambury Farm last Wednesday.  We were learning about different animals and how to care for them.  We learnt about what we get from farm animals and why farms are important.  












  1. Hello, we are Frizzell Class from Hay Park School. Your photos are really nice, it looks like you were all being very respectful on your trip. Next time you go on a trip you could take a video to help us see more about what it is like. How was your trip? Did you enjoy it? From Frizzell Class @ Hay Park School & Gerhard.

  2. Ambury farm cool!!! i wish i could go there like you guys. You look awesome in the pictures and your photos look so good. Did you have a good time guys because it looks like you are having fun in the photos? Nora

  3. Hey Piwakawaka My name is Hope and I am in room Waitemata It is really cool seeing you guys having fun there. That remind's me of when I went to ambury Farm.