Monday, March 26, 2018

Comic Strip

This Friday for Cybersmart we made a comic strip showing how to be safe with the iPads. (Thank you to Gerhard for the template!) We enjoyed recording our ideas and sequencing them in order.

By Abdullah

By Albert

By Anna

By Caleb

By Cole

By Alexandra

By Dustine

By Huzaifah

By Kiani

By Koleka

By Lewis

By Lily

By Madeleine

By Maryam

By Noah

By Paige

By Rayhan

By Shekinah

By Temana

By Tui

By Vivian

By Wiremu

By Zara


  1. Hi there!
    My name is Jaeda and I am in Te Waka Ako at Waikowhai Primary School. I loved how you guys are taking care of your iPad's and being cyber smart with them. Could you think about putting the information into a whole slide so we wont have to scroll all the way down the page.
    If you would like to see my blog here is my address.

  2. Well done, Room 3. It's a good habit to care for all the tools and equipment you use. I like how some of you check what percentage of power is left on your ipads. It is such a pain when you can't do your work because your ipad has run out of energy!

  3. Hi there! My name is Oscar from Manukau, Te Waka Ako, Waikowhai Primary school. There's so many excellent videos explaining how to take care of the Ipads. It reminded me of when I made a comic strip on how to take care of our Chromebooks. Have you considered signing out at the end of a blogpost. For example "Blog you later!"
    If you would like to see my learning my blog is

  4. Hello Rm 3 Waikowhai school! I like your kawa of care comic strips! How long did it take you to do one comic strip?

    Keep up the very good work!!!

    From: Patrick @ Christ the King School