Friday, May 26, 2017

Time for Questions

After writing down everything we knew about Julie, we then wrote some questions to find out more information.  Here are some example of our questions.

Who are you Mum and Dad and where do they live? Vivian and Farhad
What is your favourite food? Cyan and Maddy
Why did you buy a red car? Brayden and Dalton
Which hospital were you born in? Daniel and Dustine
Why do you dye your hair? Morgan and Faith
Who is in your family? Albert and Amara
When is your birthday? Jeremiah and Caja
Where do you do your shopping? Tayzsar and Josef
Who do you live with? Erana and Santanna

1 comment:

  1. Wow Room3! I am so impressed with your slide shows all about Julie! We tried to do the same to find out about Mrs Peterson. Did you find out something new in our assembly? You are awesome working on the iPads. Do you think Miss Lane could help me to work the same with Room 1?