Friday, May 27, 2016

Samoan Language Week

Next week is Samoan Language Week.  We started early!!  Room 11 and Room 3 worked together today to create a popplet showing the parts of the body in Samoan.  We had to make a box, insert a picture and add text.  Room 11 are the teachers and what a great job they did!


  1. "Malo lava taumafai" Well done Room 3 and Room 11.

  2. How wonderful to see you working collaboratively to create and share your work Rooms 3 and 11. You have used some fantastic skills to take photos and organise your popplets, as well as developing your language knowledge. I am looking forward to Room 1's assembly this week, when I think we might be singing some Samoan songs.

  3. Hi Room 3,
    Thank you for sharing, you have helped me learn a few more words that I could use this week and in class. I like how you have used popplet to show the connections, how did you find the Samoan words?
    Great job,
    Mr Riceman

  4. hi room 3 thank you sharing from kruze hall